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tonight i went to a drum circle held at http://www.centerforwholeness.com . this group had a few of the same women that sing with the Idisi, so i was excited to see what kind of energy they could, uh, drum up. this meeting was a lot more intense than the drum circle i go to at pathways- after a brief intro, one woman started pounding on an IMMENSE drum, and everyon joined in w/their drums and rattles- for a HALF HOUR. then there was a short break and she had us do a journelling exercise where we set an intention and bring it into reality, and then there was another half hour drum session. this time 3 or 4 of the women started tone/chant/improv/singing, and i joined in with that..it was cool. and that was it. sounds either weird-woo-woo or just plain dull as i describe it, but it was energetic, non-judgy, spontaneous and very focused. i liked it and will return. it's cool being in groups of interesting, slightly quirky folk, and being part of that group, but not having to take them home, teach them or analyze them. i can use more of this in my life.
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sunday morning, i went back to spirit united church. i think i might have found a spiritual community- and this is amazing. i've sometimes been offended, sometimes been angered, but usually, at churches, i've just been BORED. i put up with an extremely twitly lutheran suburban church for 3 years, but that was because they had a really good choir and a fabulous director- and i got to sing the Brahms German Requiem, which had always been one of my musical fantasies. smaller churches are more to my liking, but i always somehow feel like i'm not only an outsider, but an O!U!T!S!I!D!E!R!!!..and i end up feeling like i just don't somehow fit in withn Basic People. but SU is truly amazing- incredibly diverse, like i mentioned before, and somehow they just sort of LEFT US ALONE- didn't rush to feign interest, but we just felt like it was OK to be us, be there, and hang out. works for me.

AND they had this amazing group of women singing/chanting/improvising, and afterwards i went up to the main one and said "i want to be a Goddess too!" (the call themselves the Idisi, which is the Nordic version of Valkyrie)..her response? "well, you're already a Goddess, but can you SING!?"

brilliant. so i went to their rehearsal on sunday night. this is a truly amazing bunch. this woman who leads it, who was dressed in purple velvet palazzo pants, a yellow mini-skirt tied around her waist, and a striped t-shirt, and who had to be 6'2" and 450 lbs- this amazing amazon female- is a TALENTED jazz choral director. she teaches 3 and 4 part songs by rote- just goes over parts til people get them, and then encourages people to go off on their own harmonies. she had us improvising, toning, listening..it was amazing, fun, exhausting, spiritual, bonding, and energizing. and 3 hrs without a break! they practice 2x a month, on the 2nd friday and the 3rd sunday, both of which i can do.

NEW. PEOPLE. AND. ACTIVITIES. IN. MY. LIFE. i've been wanting this for AGES.

party on, excellent! :-D

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