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Jan. 23rd, 2009 10:33 pm
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buffalo lake winter2, originally uploaded by spiralflmz.

for the first time, today i was tired of the predominant winter colors- two- blue and white, punctuated by occasional black. i need color. flowers. growth. lilies. SPRING. no wonder some people get into exotic indoor plants like orchids and amaryllis- especially up here, especially in january/feb.

today 2 of my sisters and i went to the como conservatory- ferns, palms, 100% humidity..and a 2-toed tree sloth hanging out in a large faux-tree. what an amazing creature, such arms, such legs, such a funny face. which i'm sure is exactly what SHE was thinking about US...

week-end looks to be interesting. sunday, a group of women is/are getting together to plan a 'crone' ritual-one of the women 'won' the services of a unitarian minister for any kind of ritual/ceremony, (she entered a bid at a charity silent auction) and she thought she'd honor this time of her life with others. should be interesting. i don't know if i feel i'm right for the Voice of Wisdom, but i've certainly, (thanks to surgeons) gone past my "mother-goddess" state, so perhaps this is a time to celebrate the next 2/3 (i enjoy optimism, it's so new to me) of my life.

and there's always faure', whose music has been listened to all week as i proceed alphabetically (yeah, i know) through my CD collection.

life is good.

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let there be light2, originally uploaded by spiralflmz.

damn. just lost an entire entry to due internet failure here in the coffee shop.
let's see if i can re-construct...

having a pleasant afternoon off today. this week has been much less stressful, with weather not life-threatening (like last week) and not taking 200% energy just to leave the house. it was great seeing bruno last weekend- he's an interesting fellow who i've known since undergrad times and who's lived all over- milwaukee (school) texas, virginia, NYC, berlin, and now, for the last 10 years, san francisco, where he's accomplished a phD in european reformation history and was able to get legally married to his partner the day before the election that would have made that impossible. dear friend. i think he comes home to minnesota in january so he can remind himself how happy he is to live in SF. :-D

teaching is a bit odd at the Studio these days- actually, not the teaching but the biznis aspect. it's obvious that they're financially stressed, as even people in the wealthiest suburbs start to question the wisdom of the McMansion and all 3 SUVs, much less 3 lessons each for kiddos who are too over-scheduled to practice. we've started getting notes attached to our schedules: "make sure to emphasize that lessons are a LONG TERM COMMITMENT" and "keep us informed of any ISSUES you might be having"...stuff that should be taken for granted w/ experienced teachers. yet the manager refuses to do things to market this business- concerts, recitals, clinics and master classes in schools. oh well. i'm glad only a small part of my own biz is tied up here.

in my teaching proper, pleasant things occur. i had a piano mom tell me "we love you, nancy." this stuff is so surprising to me, and somewhat new. maybe i'm mellowing in my dotage. :-D

buffalo cemetery MN winter12, originally uploaded by spiralflmz.


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