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this past week, i had a conversation with a friend re: women being "bitchy." i've often heard that having a lot of sex makes women "less bitchy", or conversely, that "not getting any" makes women "bitchy." i said i thought that was ridiculous- that if a woman wasn't currently getting laid by a partner, then the frequency of wanking was always an option for 'release.'

now: this person (male) actually said that he'd heard on a tv show called "manswers" on SPIKE tv, where men ask questions, that THERE WAS A COMPONENT IN SEMEN THAT ACTUALLY CALMED WOMEN DOWN.


i said, ridiculous- were that true, all we'd have to do to get 'medicated' would be to slam down a protein shake! i said that, to me, it was indeed wonderful to be hugged, touched, patted, cared for, by a partner- and that feeling physically and emotionally loved DOES contribute to well-being- any pet, baby, child, adult, will wither from lack of attention and touch. but the actual phenomenon of male ejaculate as tranquilizer? GODDESS HELP ME! do men BELIEVE this? DO WOMEN?

the next entry will be a poll (for some reason, i couldn't insert the poll into this entry, so it will be its own entry, following)
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- i was taught to listen for my partner's breath, because then i could tell if my partner were speeding up, slowing down, or stopping.

- i learned that slower is sometimes better.

- i learned i can get to know my partner more intimately than my partner might know himself, and to anticipate his every thought before it could be uttered.

- i learned that i needed to s t r e t c h sometimes to accommodate a hesitation.

- i learned that what my partner THOUGHT he had in mind and ACTUALLY had in mind might be two totally different things.

- i learned that often, over-thinking can ruin spontaneity.

- i learned that holding back a climax is one of the most excruciating ways to make it even more spectacular.

-i learned that if i read the signals right, i could anticipate my partner's every breath, every sigh, every move.

- i learned that i could control my own responses, but not another's.

- and i learned to truly ::listen:: to my partner's Heart, for it usually informs the mind and the actions.



accompanying schubert songs.


accompanying schubert songs = sex?

well...yeah......sometimes ;-D


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