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first, me in my cool new glasses. (self-diss edited out) i LOVE me some new shades!
nan's new shades2
DST is kicking my ass..can't quite figure out why a one-hour time change should cause me to be frustratingly awake at 4:30 AM. argh! i am loving the later sundowns, however. when it's dark early, both my students and their teacher are tired and crabby. what animals we really are, so influenced by light and dark!
triple woo-woo weekend ahead: drum circle on friday, pathways drum circle on sat, singing goddesses on sun. life is good!
buffalo lake, wright co MN w/beached car
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evening! first, have a photo of what i love most about minnesota: flat-out APPRECIATION for ANY small gift from the Weather Goddess. below: random dude, dressed in bike/ski pants, winter jacket. sitting in his lawn chair, on the frozen lake. he can has sun nao?

last week was a good one. got 38 students' parents to pay me for their upcoming festival competition. took me 4 hrs to fill out all the apps, figure out the money and get it written up, and then hand-delivered on tuesday. (couldn't mail it b/c of course some didn't pay me on time, and they're VERY strict about deadlines- over 70 teachers and 2000 kids city-wide play in this event.so now comes the 'freeze-drying' period, where i bitch, moan, stomp, cajole, threaten, whine etc etc for these kiddos to get their tunes learned, consistent, memorized. good thing i think it's worth it- piano is one of the few things where helicopter parents can't fix it/ do it for them and these kids live or die by the consequences of THEIR actions.
next saturday, verna is having a small party to celebrate my (upcoming) 5 yrs cancer-free. she called today to enquire whether i wanted chocolate cake, carrot cake, or both. such choices. :-D
we are finally getting a break from Hell Winter and i am loving it. today the sun was bright magenta due to unhealthy air quality..shit unfreezes and there ya go. beautiful, tho.
and next friday is the Idisi meeting...singing goddesses galore! :-D AND i get my new glasses sometime this week. one practical pair, one slightly trendy. woo! i did pay dearly for them, but then [livejournal.com profile] goingdriftless introduced me to http://zennioptical.com , where a mortal may purchas PRESCRIPTION GLASSES, FRAMES INCLUDED, for between 8 and 35 $$ a pair. WOO! funky purple glasses, heeeeeeeeeeeere i come!
i am happy. life is good. thank you. wishing you the same.

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here is my jewelry heritage:
1) the little garnet ring that my great-grandmother's sister gave my great-grandmother (they were identical twins) on their 18th birthday. date: around 1880. my grandmother gave me this ring in the early 1980s.
the ring my great-grandmother's sister gave her on her 18th birthday (c. 1880)
2)my grandmother's wedding band. she was married in 1921. my dad gave this to my after grandma had passed in 1987.
my grandmother's wedding band (c 1921)
3) my mother's wedding ring. she and dad were married in 1949. at that time, the ring was the solitaire in the center and the 3 small diamonds on either side. 20 yrs later, she had it remade to include the leaves and the other little diamonds on either side of the band.
my mother's wedding ring (1949)
4)a ring i purchased for myself in the late 90s. at the time, i decided that each stone represented one of the 4 men whose lives had influenced me most. i don't think much about it now, but the ring still makes me happy. there are 4 stones: yellow citrine, lavendar amethyst, blue topaz and green tourmelline.
my own ring (purchases around 1999)
i wear the 2 yellow gold rings on my left hand, the 2 white gold rings on my right hand.
the ring that really should represent "me", (i'd have to get it made larger- it fits my pinky and really should be a ring-finger-ring) is a gold and opal ring given to me by my friend patrick on the occasion of my first undergrad solo recital. such times.
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just won THIS on Ebay: a loverly quasi-ren-fest-diva dress :-D


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