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here's the meme where i copy the first sentence from each month in this year's EllJay. generally...life was good, and this one seems to show a bit of that. love to you all and ein gutes Rutsch ins Neu Jahr!

today: exceeding gentleness, quiet talk, good coffee, photojournalling, books, and italian dinner.

lately, i've entertained the possibility of meetings new people- new friends of the heart, new casual "hangin'-out" acquaintances, perhaps even a New Man.

evening! first, have a photo of what i love most about minnesota: flat-out APPRECIATION for ANY small gift from the Weather Goddess.

yesterday, it was lovely outside and i had the day off- i actually have saturday and monday off..rare. so of course i felt the need to go on a WADT...a weird-ass-driving-trip.

and i want to do a HUGE shout out to dr matt boente, my surgeon. he saved my bacon almost 5 yrs ago.

last weekend, a minor miracle, and this isn't a phrase i use lightly.

this weekend, i went to my first "con" - CONvergence2010. 4500 people in a hotel, many of them in costume, attending classes and panels and workshops and parties and performances. 4500 people HAVING FUN. fun!

i got dumped... by my oncologist :-D went in for my official five-years exam. afterwards, the np said "well i guess we won't be seeing you again...we don't keep people around once they reach 5 years."

why, she says with wide eyes, such a coincidence, because in november i WILL be releasing a CD, if all goes well. chart-topping? errrm....not.

i need to quit acting like a feeble 12-yr-old around my younger sisters.

so amazing...last tuesday, i was gifted with one of the most amazing sunsets all summer. it was also 70 degrees F and i was coatless..on november 8th, in minnesota!

last night: about 10 inches of snow. and, as only those who used to hang out in chatrooms In The Day, those are REAL inches, not AOL inches...

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and i feel fine.

i've been reading 'end of the 0's' posts, and thought about writing my own. i realized i didn't have to do it- not only the decade, but my entire life, literally split in two in 2005.

before 2005, i didn't know i had cancer.

in 2005, i was diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian cancer, which resulted in 51 days in hospital, surgery, and 3 months in a nursing home physical rehab unit recovering. after that was 20 months of chemotherapy.

the following fall, 2006, i was diagnosed with stage II thyroid cancer. that treatment was easier, and most people didn't even know I'd had it.

Since then? loving my life, day by day. a wonderful man in my life who makes me happy. taking spirituality seriously. embracing photography, going to alaska in 2008.

embracing my Path as a LifeGuard- being there for my friends, my family, when they need me.

and sleeping better than i've ever slept in my entire adult life.

this summer, summer of 2010, i will be (WILL BE!) one of the 5 percent of women who survive 5 years beyond a Stage IV OvCa diagnosis.

And I Feel Fine.

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fireworks11, originally uploaded by spiralflmz.

had an early NYE dinner- lobster canneloni, good bread, bruschetta for an app, white choc mousse for dessert. the yums! now home, mozart on the stereo. life is good, but you know that already. here's my tie-up of the year 2008:

5 things for which i am grateful:
1) spending time with my parents
2) having a wonderful man in my life
3) music in all forms, photography
4) continuing health- 3.5 years cancer-free
5) becoming happier with who i am

5 things i want to continue to grow with:
1) continued good health- moving more, eating well, swimming
2) moving towards "giving back"- thankfulness for 1-5 above
3) expanding a new social circle
4) increasing and refining my love of nature in detail and in its hugeness
5) appreciating the love that people have to give

every day, every hour, is so sweet, so dear.

i thank God for my life, and i thank God that i'm around to celebrate, smile, hug and cry with my friends here and elsewhere!


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