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gotta love this view- this is the water's edge, tree-line, large lake and far shore that i photograph every tuesday at 4 PM. this week: visibility=about 25 feet. needless to say, driving the 50 miles home was an utter nightmare, and i am grateful for having done it safely.

buffalo lake white-out, originally uploaded by spiralflmz.

now for the Big Nooz:
i might have decided one of the things i want to be (when) (if) (now that i) grow up.
[livejournal.com profile] neptunia67, who is a sculptor, administrator and a court-appointed mediator, speaks quite often of her experiences as a mediator. this past week, i did some research, and found http://law.hamline.edu/mediation-center/30-hour.html.

in a five-day, 30-hr course, i can become a court-appointed mediator, a person who is a neutral party to financial, divorce, child custody disputes, and works with people to reach agreement before going to court to fight it out. then you're on a rotation and as cases come up, you're called in turn. since my teaching is late afternoon/evenings, this is something i can do that WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE as well as provide income- in a meaningful fashion- and something where if it doesn't happen regularly will be OK, since my regular teaching income won't change. and the best part? MY DAD's GOING TO PAY FOR IT. this blew me away- i told him about it and said as soon as i could take a loan for it (when another one is paid off) i was going to make it happen. "what if i did that, and you can pay me back when you're rich?"


and the best thing- [livejournal.com profile] neptunia67 said that the skills are useful in every respect, that the tools she learned even helped her to deal more effectively with her
mother! heeeee...that in itself is worth the price of tuition!

there's hope for this- something i CAN do, that will not take years and untold thousands, and that WILL bring me income.

life is good.


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