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yesterday, my sister lori and i went in search of the Janesville Doll. here's the skinny on it, from the website "strange USA"- http://www.strangeusa.com/PrinterFriendly.aspx?locationid=57420 it's a little funny- "haunted minnesota" said it's the only thing that's put this sleepy little town on the map, and that it's become a destination site for inebriated Mankato State University students. "dude..let's go see that, like, DOLL!"

here's the entrance to the town. (i can hear SNL's Church Lady saying "my, we LIKE ourselves, don't we?")

here we go )
so it was a beautiful day- we then drove to rochester mn, had dinner, and stopped by richard's house to pick up my great-grandfather's clock, which he had cleaned, repaired and gotten running.
life is good :-D

ghost #3

Jun. 29th, 2006 11:24 pm
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one more short tale, then i'm done.

when we moved here, we had to knock out a wall to get my grand piano into the house. fortunately it wasn't a load-bearing wall, so it wasn't a gigantic project.

i have a little tack hammer that i've had since highschool. it's perfect for small things, hanging pictures and the like. (friends mockingly call it the "girl" hammer.) i'm sentimental about it because it has paint chips from every apartment wall i've ever painted staining its puny little handle.

well, girl hammer disappeared.

i assumed it was somewhere in all the de-construction rubble, and would surface when things finally got cleaned up. no hammer. strange, since where could it go...

anyway, a few months later, one morning, on my way to the kitchen for breakfast, i noticed something out-of-character.. my little hammer lying decorously on the dining room table.

when bill came home, i said, "hey, thanks! where'd you find my hammer?"

of course, he said blankly, "hammer? what hammer?"

he'd not found it, had forgotten i'd lost it.

thanks, uncle pete. :-D

ghost #2

Jun. 29th, 2006 11:13 pm
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this is the most interesting ghost experience.

when bill and i moved in to the little house, we got the main floor level (kitchen, bath, bedroom, dining room, living room, piano room) organized right away. the upstairs, which was to be guest bedroom, computer room/office and tv room, got all the books and extra stuff shoved up the stairs. i knew i wasn't going to get around to organizing it until christmas vacation, since we'd moved in august and i ran a 6-day-per-week work week.

a handful of times, i'd be awakened, always early in the morning, by a LOUD crash..from the upstairs. then as i lay in bed, totally awake, i'd follow the sound of heavy, rhythmic footsteps over my head..someone walking across the floor upstairs.

so i'd go to the door and shout "bill?" wondering why he was home early from work and what he was doing wandering around up there. no response, of course. i'd call him at work and of course, he'd be there.

for some reason (this happened maybe 4-6 times or so) i wasn't scared crapless by this..it seemed, somehow, natural.

then for no known reason, i got the idea that it was my uncle pete (who'd passed away the spring before we moved in.) he was always helping someone, always working, always volunteering to build something or repair something...i decided he was distressed with all my boxes and disorganization upstairs and was trying to help out.

christmas vacation came, we unpacked and organized and alphabetized, and the upstairs looked great.

never heard the noises again.

footnote: when a girlfriend of mine was visiting and slept in the upstairs guest bedroom, she told me she'd felt someone was 'watching' her as she slept.

myself, i've always felt safe, insulated and cared for here.

thanks, uncle pete.
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a few people have asked about my house's ghosts since i mentioned them in my 'tag you're it' meme a few entries ago..

the house i live in now has been in my family for 70 years. my uncle tom and family had the house first and lived there until my aunt's death in '92.then another aunt and uncle moved in when they moved back to MN after living in florida for awhile. THAT uncle died, and the remaining aunt decided to move into a senior apartment, so the little house, which is mechanically totally modernized but still has its 1930s charm, came up for rent. i've lived here for 7 years now and have loved the sweet, quiet house, the little yard and quiet neighborhood.

OK. when i first moved here, bill, my Ex, was living with me. he worked nights, so i was always alone during the night until 9 AM. one night when i was upstairs at the computer, i saw what i assumed was my cat whizzing by me, which was odd since my cat was 18 yrs old at the time and it took MUCH to inspire him to run. i went into the tv room to see what he was chasing.

no cat.

cat downstairs on our bed, sleeping. so there's appearance 1 of ghost cat. around that time, i'd also occasionally feel the slight pressure and vibration you recognize as the cat jumping onto the foot of the bed.

look down at foot of bed.

no (visible) cat.
when bill would come home from work, he'd shower downstairs.(upstairs bath only has bathtub) i hadn't told him about my ghost cat experiences. one morning he comes upstairs in his robe, drying his hair with a towel. in his characteristically direct way, he says "jesus! i saw that damn ghost cat again!"

"????" i said.

"uh huh..little fucker stuck his head right in the shower when i was in there, and then when i stuck my head out to see him, he walked right through the wall."

for some reason, there were no more ghost animal sightings after that, and never after my own Feline Companion passed away, so this little benign spirit must have been left over from some departed relative.

ghost #2 to follow...


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