Apr. 27th, 2009 11:01 am
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lake calhoun, mpls MN1 (E), originally uploaded by spiralflmz.

1) HOTTTTTTTTTTTT WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) sunsets..

3) (did i mention hot water?) ..ummmm poulenc and good musicians!

4) amazing new avenues of sensuality...

5) everything not mentioned in #1-4

(wishing you the same)
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fireworks5, originally uploaded by spiralflmz.

i'm just sayin'.

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fireworks12, originally uploaded by spiralflmz.

the man's back home :-D
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below: the next instrument in the music series: penis extension. oops..i meant..TRUMPET.

msje tpt, originally uploaded by spiralflmz.


PS i always think i'm so self-aware, but the cliche' is true, we can never see ourselves as others see us. i was just bitching about someone who annoyed me, and a friend said, you know, it's time- when are you going to quit torturing yourself over this? i immediately said "i'm not!"

like hell. as my sister lori says, "put a fork in it- it's DONE!"

it's true. facts? sometimes others cause us pain. sometimes events, illness, circumstances cause us pain. more often than not? we do it ourselves. and mull it over, worry over it, chew it up and DON'T spit it out, until it's just a pure mess. sometimes nobody can tell you when to stop mourning. other times, years later, someone can just say, you know something? just stop.

and you do.

thank you.
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travel well,

laugh greatly,

write profoundly,

do not use your talents for the Dark side, my son! ;-D

you showed up in my life at a time when i was helped me get my "groove" back.

thank you for being a gentle man and a good friend.

i'll remember you with love.


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